A little bit about me

I love to eat! It’s just about that simple

I was raised in the Midwest and have lived in several places on the east coast. For the past ten years I have been a single guy living alone and working primarily in the restaurant business. I adopted my mother’s love of cooking and sharing meals with family and friends. Cooking has always been my avocation giving me great satisfaction in every aspect of the meal preparation process. But only after I found myself living alone did the dilemma of cooking-for-one come into sharp focus. That is why I decided to create this cool place on the web.

It is my aspiration to guide you toward delicious meals while staying within your budget. I am not a trained culinary expert, just an ordinary guy who loves to eat. My experience in the kitchen is a hodgepodge of tricks, techniques and recipes gathered from ordinary living and especially from my experience living alone.

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This will not be a diet oriented effort


I believe in sensible, healthy eating and everything in moderation

I use butter because it’s good, but I do not go overboard and saturate my meals with it. I never deep fry anything at home (it’s too messy and complicated to control the temperatures) but I am the first to order fish and chips out when I go out and know there is some cold beer to chase it down. I try my best to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible every day, but have learned that I need to limit my purchases to what I can eat in one week and to buy it when it is at its’ peak. And last but not least, I will not do anything too complicated; no fancy French pastries, complicated, multi-step sauces, elaborate deserts or anything that takes longer than 1 hour to prepare and get on the table. I hate doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen so every effort will be made to keep this job to a minimum. From years of cooking, I have a well equipped kitchen, but we will not be using much more than your standard pots and pans and cooking utensils. I’m talking about guy food, I believe in meat and potatoes, but I also want to eat as much good seafood as I can get and always fresh vegetables prepared simply and quickly. Preparing just a single serving is difficult if not impossible, so I will focus on preparing smaller portions and offer tips for saving/freezing leftovers for an instant, no hassle meal later in the week.

The best recipes, all in one place


Easy food for the single guy:

  • Cooking/Food reference articles for the single guy
  • Fast easy meal suggestions including breakfast & dinner
  • Grocery list generator
  • Start to table in under 1 hour
  • 1 make-ahead item/week for freezing, leftovers

I used to spend hours trying to find something interesting to eat and then get angry that I’ve wasted so much time.

I will share a weekly menu (3 meals per week, we don’t want to cook every day) complete with easy to follow, no jargon recipes and a grocery shopping list.

This will be available to every guy who signs on to be a member of Cooking and the Single Guy. You will have one place to go on the web for your food ideas and know-how. As this effort grows I hope you will share your favorite guy food with me so that we can post it on this site. This is a place for men who want to eat well by a guy who’s been there. There will be tips and articles posted by chefs and restaurant friends who I know and trust. The recipe vault will always be accessible to members for that last minute effort to find something good to eat. Join me and together we will chart a course for delicious eating and the satisfaction only a well prepared meal can offer.

Sign up now for

  • 3 dinner meals/week with options
  • Suggestions for breakfast
  • Grocery list generator
  • 1 bag shopping
  • Recipes oriented toward healthy eating/ /seasonal produce/ low carb options
  • Simple cooking techniques/no complicated jargon
  • Current trending flavors/new approaches to comfort food.
  • Nutritional analysis for each recipe
  • Menus and recipes for date night
  • Menus and recipes for a party